Sealskin brilliance collection

Brilliance collection is the name of the unique new collection of bathroom products by Sealskin.Thee collection encompasses an unparalleled variety of bath and pedestal mats  of the very best quality. And this is only the beginning. Soon we will be adding a wholo range of attractive bathroom accessories and bath textiles.

The current Sealskin Brilliance collection encompasses no less than 5 different series. Each equally tastefully composed of the best products with their own unique nature.

1. Modern Craft. Trendy black with metallic accents:

2. Cool Concrete. Soft shades of concrete and refreshing aqua:

3. Timeless Classics. Natural colours combined with wooden accents:

4. City Chic. Black is back and becomes extra elegant with grey:

5. Sturdy Industrial. Shades of grey become robust and cozy:

You are bringing in the best of the best when purchasing a bath mat from the Sealskin Brilliance collection. Each product has been designed and produced with the greatest care. Made from the best materials and according to the latest techniques. Top designs, developed from years of Sealskins experience, with the quality, service and dependability you may expect. Make your bathroom sparkle!

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